Sunday, 3 July 2011


benefit cosmetics are expensive but well worth the money..they also last along time! The high beam highlighter is really good and perfect for enhancing cheek bones..and although the pot doesn't seem that generous for the price you're paying..mine has actually lasted ages!

The perfect compliment to this is the DALLAS costs £23.50 but it really is a perfect shade (not too orangey) but gives a deep glow and has a light shimmer to it. Apply it just under the cheek bones starting from the ear and brushing towards the corner of your mouth - this way the darkest area is right underneath the top of the cheekbone which makes them look more defined. I also apply a little bit either side of my nose and on my chin to give a bronzed this is where the sun would naturally hit your face. An easy way to remember it is in the shape of a 3 down each the side of your face.

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