Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dirty Sexy Things

I love this show and hate the fact that it's only on once a week as it's slightly addictive! If you haven't seen it before basically the photographer Perou is taking a selection of photographs for his exhibition using a group of models he has chosen to feature in the images. My absolute favourite is BB..he has an incredible look and always looks amazing in photographs.

His photograph from the shoot in Iceland which was chosen for the exhibition:

There are two more models that I also really like..Jesse and Charlotte

 I think Charlotte came a very close runner up to BB for this shoot..

Somehow Charlotte pulls off this look...

Charlotte and BB - I love this photo but I think it would look so much better if Charlotte wasn't wearing socks and her hair doesn't look write..basically the stylist got this one wrong!

Jesse has an amazing face - such good skin and bone structure

Can't wait for next weeks episode :)

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