Friday, 12 August 2011

Gucci Love

Femininity and sophistication were encapsulated through jewelled colours, dramatic ruffles and the drapes of light silk and chiffon that hung over beautifully polished skin. Contrastingly, the leather gloves, knee high boots and thigh-split sheer skirts generated power and sex appeal; creating a dramatic juxtaposition. As catwalk shows are so extreme there are often only a few pieces that I really like from each show. However, Gucci was a completely different story...

I would do anything to own just one of those looks.. The far right is my favourite because it's the most wearable - it doesn't expose too much. Her legs are on show but her chest is covered up; creating the perfect balance.

The mix of faux fur, leather and chiffon makes me go weak at the knees! Oh and those sunglasses are just perfection. The dress in the middle is definitely my favourite but I also love the faux fur jackets and pencil skirt.

This image is from the Gucci website which shows their collection really is wearable for those of you who thinks it's a bit daring!

I love this look. It's luxurious, very high fashion but again wearable; pure Italian sophistication..

A closer look at those lovely sunglasses! The Burgundy tint to these bring more warmth to the complexion.

And those dramatic red lips and heavily coated lashes added that extra bit of glamour...

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