Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I have just bought the AW edition of LOVE magazine. It's called supernatural. The cover is just beautiful. There was a choice of 3 covers in the store I went to but I think there is 8 in total. I chose the one with Lara on..but it was a hard choice between her and Nyasha. In fact, I was very tempted to buy both.. I buy Love because I love photography and fashion and the photography in it is always incredible although controversial. The words throughout it are also beautiful and it's totally different to any other magazine. The cover photography was taken by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott (see previous post) and the fashion editors were Panos Yianpanis and Katie Grand.

Inside the magazine, before the cover images, the words read:

"A beauty portfolio featuring the most striking models of the season in ethereal, romantic mood, their faces free of make-up and streaked with tears"

Although, I haven't even started to read the magazine yet... I'm getting carried away with all the amazing images..I have decided that one my favourite shoots in the magazine is Strangelove. The photographer; Solve Sundsbo and the editors; Katie Grand and Victoria Young.

The first page read: "Buttoned up to the chin, strapped up to the shoulder blades and done up to the nines... There's a strict discipline to the art of getting dressed."

Here are some of the images from this shoot:

It's all centred around the fetish trend for AW and I'm obsessed with it...

The next shoot was called What Lies Beneath and I want to include it as I loved the words at the start...

 "The candle-buds opened their wide white flowers; their scent spilled out into the air and took possession of the island... Soft, romantic fashion with dangerous undercurrents in a hard-edged realm of fantasy."

This magazine is not to every ones taste due to the controversial nature of the photography but I admire the imagination and creativity that goes into it and the words, like poetry that go with it. I think anyone that reads this magazine will agree that it's like a work of art. But if you haven't read it before I hope this blog post has intrigued you to go and have a look at magazines like Love or to look at different types of photography that you may have not looked at before. It is different and it is original... and it has fascinated me!

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